stephen clark
stephen clark
My name is Stephen Clark and this is my web-site at Here you will find original creative work that I've done.
is my email address.
Click here to see my paintings, drawings, computer graphics, and stuff like that.
Click here to see my poems and short stories.
Stephen's Rock Pillow
An interactive story with many pictures this was my old web-site in years gone by.
Apathy's Child
A sub-site about my solo music project.
Journey To Ridgetown
Another interactive story, it's a bit funny.
Making of "The Girl I Love" video
Click here if you want to know about how I made a computer generated video clip.
Midi Files
Music that I have sequenced covers and originals.
 stephen clark
Last year I focussed most of my efforts on creating a journal of words and photographs, updated weekly.
Click here to go to the 2003 journal, my most recent work.
On April 6th 2004 I added
an epilogue.
I live in Melbourne, Australia. This year I am studying a music course at North Melbourne Institute of TAFE.
Click here to read a short description of my life.
Most of the work featured on this web-site is in the public domain.
Click here for details about copyright.
  Other things:
CD Collection
Why's it called "Gitchi"?
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