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Melbourne, Australia, is where you'll find my little one-bedroom flat where many hours are spent thinking and writing and playing around with my computer. Some people would ask whether it gets lonely at times, living alone, but the answer is no. I get enough human contact from the small time spent with my musical colleagues in the band, and when I go out to see live performances. If I were to actually live in the same house or apartment as other people, I would begin to feel angry and desperate for more solitude. I know this from experience.
    When I was a child I used to be very conservative, looking with disgust at anything coarse or immoral or low-down or 'sinful' (because I was also religious). Nowadays, I'm much more left-wing in my attitude. I'm no longer religious and I look with scorn upon the rich corporations and the politicians and the media. But deep down, I don't really have any strong opinions about anything. Apathy is my strongest characteristic. And this is good because, I feel like nothing can harm me as long as I don't care what happens.
    I went through a phase, in late 1995 and early 96, when I looked upon money as being the key to happiness and I embarked on an unsuccessful quest to find me a job. But by and by, I started studying at TAFE instead, and the government started throwing money at me (Disability Support Pension), and I realised that my attitude had been completely wrong. Money is not important -- doing what you enjoy is important. I think society puts too much emphasis on the importance of money so I've tried to avoid putting effort into anything for money's sake, if it's something I don't enjoy. And ever since I adopted this attitude, my life has become gradually better and happier. Even though I've never had a job, I like to think that I've achieved most of my goals in life.
    My parents are very good parents -- I had a stable family life as I was growing up. As for siblings I have two sisters, both older than me. They are both living in Melbourne still, in different suburbs, both married, one with a baby daughter and son.
    In regards to art, this is my statement -- I want to make my art accessible and understood by everyone. For years I have been trying to perfect the art of creating what other people want me to create. Why? Because when I do the right thing in other people's eyes, they give me respect and that makes me feel happy and well-liked.
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