stephen asleep
  Apathy's Child is just one man, Stephen Clark. Stephen is a 29-year-old songwriter, keyboard player and singer. He has been sequencing music, on various equipment, since the age of ten. The songs played by "Apathy's Child" are original and were all written since 1996. Stephen had the idea for developing a solo act in January 2001, and since then he has been writing lyrics, re-sequencing all his songs, and recording them.
    Stephen's musical setup consists of a keyboard workstation (Korg i3), a microphone, and a computer. Unlike many other electronic musicians of his time, Stephen does not aim to create music for the dance-clubs, and nor is he particularly interested in making innovative experimental sound-scapes. Instead he writes the sort of songs that sound like they ought to be played by a live band, generally using a limited range of synth presets such as piano, strings, drums, bass and the occasional false guitar, though he is open to using anything. In recent times he has been using more and more samples, whether they be from TV, other music, or just weird sounds that have crept into his microphone one way or another. Stephen writes lyrics about his own thoughts and feelings, attempting to convey the feeling of what it's like to be apathetic and misanthropic. Some of the artists who have been influential on the Apathy's Child style are: Pink Floyd, Beck, Mike Oldfield, Limp Bizkit, The Spice Girls, Billy Joel, The Grand Silent System, and Laura Imbruglia.
    Stephen Clark has played piano all his life and has been an active member of Melbourne's live music scene since 1999. Previous bands include Paradize, Jaspora, Gitchi, Positronic, The Boris Pink and The Floyd Show. He had singing lessons from Cynthia McCracken (24/9/01 to 11/11/02). In 2004 he studied Certificate IV of Music Performance at Northern TAFE. He is not just a musician he is also a visual artist, photographer, writer and web-page designer, although he is not currently receiving money for any of these things. If you'd like to find out more about these sides of Stephen Clark, visit his personal web-site at To find out more about the latest Apathy's Child album "Destroy Everything And Pie" and how it was recorded, click above on the "CD" link. To find out the origin of the name "Apathy's Child", click here.