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I'm So Happy
20-04 is a magical time
Up to the high tech summit we climb
Don't wanna go
To a time when there's no
Good technology.
But what is important, some people say
Is stopping the war in a land far away
I don't really care
'Cause it's all over there
And that's not what I want to see
And I'm so happy in this ivory tower of mine
That I can't help but think everyone else will be fine
And if I'm wrong and it all falls apart then I know
That at least I will be one of the last ones to go.
I see happy people walking the street
Moving to their own natural beat
People are waving
No one needs saving
They smile at me
The whole of our culture's been re-arranged
Some people just get scared of the change
But don't be afraid
Of the plans that we made
For a perfect society
And I'm so comfortable in this delusion of mine
That I can't help but think everyone else will be fine
On a nice day we can ignore all the harm that we do
And I'm so happy so everyone else should be too.
What Was Once Exciting (Is Now Depressing)
I'm sick of the music business
I used to be keen but now
Don't know what the hell I want
And I don't know how
All the musicians I know
Want to go on to something big
I'd've been happy with just one paying gig
I'm tired
I'm not good enough to make it on my own
And my keyboard may as well be made of stone
'Cause it sits there unnattended
I called up the booking agents
I sent out the CDs too
But all I got back was
"Don't call us, we'll call you."
I wanted to have a following
Along with all the respect it brings
I've never been good at the business side of things
I'm tired
I'm not good enough to make it on my own
When I sing the audience begins to groan
My career will soon be ended
That's why I don't play live anymore. (Sounds like someone's got a case of the sposdas) (Stop trying so hard)
Here's the depressing story
Of the man that they call A.C.
He couldn't even give it away for free
He sits in his small apartment
Staring at the computer screen
He doesn't want to be part of the whole big scene.

Quit Your Job
You work nine to five
A little boring but you say
It keeps you going day to day
Another bill you have to pay
It's how you you stay alive
And I can see you'd like to grow
Beyond the confines that you know
You'd like to quit your job and go
Oh but you don't have the courage to risk everything for a dream
Oh when I see how your life is wasted makes me wanna scream
Your job doesn't matter
You just think that it does 'cause they been messin' with your head
Your pay's gettin' fatter
But you been sellin' your soul for the bread
You won't get back the time you sold to the man
Don't wait forever
'Cause if your life isn't changin' then you might as well be dead.
Tell me the consequence
If you could kiss your job goodbye
Well tell me would you really die
You just don't know until you try
You say it'll all make sense
If you just wait a month or two
There's a promotion there for you
What will the promise make you do
Oh well you see all the ads and you're overcome with greed
Oh but if you wanna be happy then the money's not what you need
Your job doesn't matter
You just think that it does 'cause they been messin' with your head
Your pay's gettin' fatter
But you been sellin' your soul for the bread
You won't get back the time you sold to the man
Don't wait forever
'Cause if your life isn't changin' then you might as well be dead.
Oh not a day goes by when you don't say your life's a pain
But if you want it to change you gotta do more than just complain
Your job doesn't matter
You just think that it does 'cause they been messin' with your head
Your pay's gettin' fatter
But you been sellin' your soul for the bread
You won't get back the time you sold to the man
Don't wait forever
'Cause if your life isn't changin' then you might as well be dead.
Beautiful Sunset
You didn't comment on the beautiful sunset
When you found me that time when the sun was going down
We could see the lights of the town
The sun and the clouds reflected on the water
You started a conversation at the beach, but I was so far out of reach
You said there was no heat left on the bay
You said you wanna dance the night away
You said that rock 'n roll is so passé
But you didn't say, it's a beautiful sunset today.
I didn't comment on the beautiful sunset
You were the one doing all the talking you could do
So I thought I'd leave it to you
You must have been a lonely kinda person
Trying hard to make friends with a loner like me, you just wanted some company
But I don't care if you go or stay
And I don't care if you're straight or gay
You look at the colours, and you just see grey
And you didn't say, it's a beautiful sunset today
And that's how I knew you were shallow
You don't have a clue about the beauty of this view
Between me and you, there's nothing in common
You'll never be like me
You look at the world and you don't see what I see
Well you're a friendly person and that's okay
But as for being friends, there's just no way
'Cause you've got no soul, and there's nothing left to say
But hey, it was a beautiful sunset today.
It was a beautiful sunset today.

Happy Happy Death Death
I barely have a life to save
'Cause I would not call this living
As I stare into the grave
I hope that God will be forgiving
I have a choice of many ends
And I'm tired of being patient
I don't need help from any friends
Just need to see my travel agent
My big toe is in the water
Here I go, a twenty pound weight attached to my belt
The water's deep, the water's deadly
Eternal sleep, here I'll dive right in.
Hey! It's a suicide holiday
And I'm sinkin' down in the bay
Near the holiday inn
I'm waitin' for suffocation to begin
Hey! Wait a minute now let me think
Suddenly I don't wanna sink
Thought I wanted to drown
There's gotta be a better way to go down
Raise my head above the surface
I'm not dead, but it doesn't end here it's just a postponement
Weight untied, I reach the shoreline
Quench my pride, when I've dried I'll try again
Hey! I got a letter on Saturday
It said my grandmother passed away
I know that's a bit sad
But I never knew how much money she had
Hey! When the cheque to me is conveyed
Then I'll have a real holiday
Now I am a rich man
I got a new life, I got a new plan
Come on! Let's go, let's go
I wanna have fun, before I'm done
So I think I'll hit the disco
Where the music's hot, and I'll hit the spot
Way down in San Franscisco
It's a beautiful city but it won't be pretty when my body's all broken and bent
'Cause at Golden Gate the survival rate
Is less than one percent (and that's good!)
I could wind up dead at Beachy Head
That's what the travel guides say
It's the most pop-ular suicide drop
In the whole of the south UK
I could cease to be in NYC
I could jump from the Empire State
These holiday destinations all sound so great
I just can't wait!
Hey! It's a suicide holiday
Gonna travel so far away
All the money I'll spend
I got a date with the reaper to attend
Hey! I'm so sick of the everyday
Gotta ramble I've gotta stray
And I'll never come back
I'll catch a train on the suicide track
Hey! It's a suicide holiday, yeah. Hey!
No Tears Left
(From the minute that Steve was in the band, his contribution to the music was immense. Absolutely immense. He's one of this rare breed of people that – I don't know whether you'd call him a genius or just a complete idiot. It's a fine line)
Well I cried a lot when I was a baby, I can't remember what about
I remember being sad as young school boy and I had to let it out
So I cried
When it all got too much for me I was fragile
And through the years
Sometimes I could not hold back
All the emotion rising when I got angry
The violent rage
Made up for the strength I lacked
(My people have a saying. When we ask for strength, the great spirit sends us difficulties, which make us strong)
(Oh, that's okay. Women like a man who isn't afraid to shed a few tears)
Well I cried so much when I was thirteen the tears were enough to fill a sink
Well I cried so much when I was sixteen years old that I had to see a shrink
But I haven't been crying just lately, 'cause I've got no tears left.
(Within you is like this incredible untapped well of tenderness. Either that or a pathological attraction to all that is evil and black in our world)
And I have no emotions with the strength enough to make me fall apart
Since the age of nineteen, I've been a cold machine without a caring heart
You know my lack of conversation when you're with me is an expression of the emptiness inside
I'm so glad I'm free of my humanity 'cause all my tears have dried
I no longer know how it feels to be sad, 'cause I just don't care anymore
Ooooooooooooh I'm apathetic to the core.

I Have Too Much Money
Low income is where I'm supposed to be
The figures on the statement don't agree
So many people need it more than me
My friend, can I write you a cheque
(I understand just fine. They seduced you. With all their fancy facilities, manpower, threw a whole bunch of money at you. Plied you with all these expensive toys, penthouses with spectacular views, and – really spectacular. What was I saying? [I've been seduced.] That's right pal. They dazzled you, with shiny objects, and beautiful things, and)
Don't want to go back to being poor
I'll never have to struggle anymore
I haven't figured out what money's for
Just yet, it just sits in the bank
Hey, you got the car, the house the job the responsibility
But that's not the life for me
I don't wanna raise a family
You know a thousand years ago people lived without the high tech things they never had
As long as they don't know what they're missing then they won't feel bad
And it could be the same for me
'Cause it's just a state of mind, I'm leavin' the rat race behind (yeah right)
As soon as I finish recording this tune I'm goin' back I'm goin' back
I'm goin' back to a simple life
Used to think I'd never have enough
Then I bought the things I thought I loved
I don't have a use for half the stuff
I've bought, so I throw it away. Hey yeah yeah yeah yeah


Life Under Glass
(No!) (I cannot listen to this again)
Things in here
May be bigger than they appear
Like lookin' through the diamond on a chandelier
But you can often lose your way
We gotta blow it up now (x6)
We're on the other side
When your thoughts are blind but your eyes are
Home frontier
At the side and the front, the rear
Lookin' good with a frame with a wood veneer
But if you wanna hide away
You gotta block it off now (x6)
You're on the other side
I'm afraid of the sun when the skies are
You'll be safe from the thunder, all the glass that you're under
Let me build a rotunda, I'm afraid of the rain
Have no fear
'Cause your enemies won't get near
When you're livin' in a bullet-proof bubble sphere
But if you value freedom
You gotta break it down now (x6)
We're on the other side
(That's it! That's the break we've been waiting for! Let's go!)
(That image, it's so vivid)


Dead Eve
(The transfiguration of the external world into incredible beauty and significance)
(You must pet me)
(Look Eve, this happens quickly, or very, very slowly)
I once knew a girl named Eve
She had silver eyes and golden hair
And when I saw her I believed
She had the best web-journal anywhere
She was as fragile as a leaf
She was protected by her lover's wing
And by the time she came to grief
She had created many coloured things
In her secret world she would work for free
Making gifts for everyone like Santa's elf
She would bare her soul for the world to see
Taking many pictures of herself
Some people used to say that she was vain
But accusations were inaccurate
And by the time her life was drained
I think her soul was still immaculate
She had a sharp perceptive mind
She had a charming personality
And with a site so well designed
It was a virtual reality
But her perfect world had to fall apart,
It was swallowed by the flaws within her brain
In the end she crashed, and could not restart
It became a life of contant pain
Which broke the ledge that she'd been standing on
I will remember every Halloween
I can't believe she's really gone
I wish the Ginkgo tree was evergreen
But all her work is still online
And we can marvel at her brilliance
Even the ghost of Eve can shine
For she has touched the lives of millions
(When night falls fear is the only thing left for those who are lost in the world of towers)
(You remember Eve?)
(Aaaaah, pleasure to meet you)
Dude, It's Not A Chicken
I've got the feeling that nobody's going to like this song
They'll say "Why did the album end this way? It just sounds wrong."
I say, to hell with them, I don't need anyone's advice
This is the final song, I've got it planned out so precise
Here comes the nightmare riff that haunts me in my dreams
It sounds so easy but it's harder than it seems
I've got to
Rhyme three syllables
There's always gaps unfillable
Time is killable in this way
And now I'm thinkin' out the song riff on the street
With every beat take a new step on the concrete
And all the people in the hustlin' mob
Gotta do a job, makin' the metropolis throb
All the rich folk shoppin' with money to waste
Graphic designers' ads all over the place
They're all tryin' to get a piece of the pie
They know the suckers'll buy, you just gotta tell a white lie
All the people on the street have a part to play
I see a guy with the chalk doin' art today
And here's another man beggin' for the green stuff
He maybe can't go home and he's sleepin' rough
The born again guy sings to praise the lord
And here's somebody from Community Aid Abroad
Some people say givin' money is not the way
But when I hear all about it I got to say
Give to charity
Donate with regularity
Child mortality
I don't care
But I'm so good at pretending to
When the silence is approaching, it gets scary and you want to back away
But the silence, unlike the music, is flawless
From the moment that we pressed play
We knew the music would end some day
This song has got me on a hell-bound track
It came through the door when I opened a crack
Before I knew it I was under attack
And I lost my mind, but I didn't want it back.
Destroy everything in all creation
This is the soundtrack of total annihilation
I'm off the deep end so follow me off the plank
The bass'll flatten you out like an army tank
And if you're walkin' the plank then you're off the deck
I got the wicked beat to hit you like a train wreck
Feel the drums of death and feel the axe burn
Feel the record scratchin' as the wax turn
Mock hostility
To hide my disability
Child of apathy
I don't care, I'm just gonna sing na na na
Na na na na na (like the Beatles did)
Na na na na na na na na