This is an archive of journal entries from 2003. Click on a link below.
January 9, Stephen's Trip to the Moving-Pictures
January 16, Stephen's Karaoke Substitute
January 23, The Phone Rings
January 30, Ghost World After a Family Barbecue
February 6, Some Useful Data
February 13, St Kilda Festival
February 20, Croydon and the Candle
February 27, Stephen's Trip to the Swimming Pool
March 6, Stephen Hates Fish
March 13, Stephen Removes All Doubt
March 20, Stephen Plays a Real Gig
March 27, Rock and Bore
April 3, Stephen Paints the Big Picture
April 10, Stephen Gets Kicked Out Of The Band
April 17, The Global Garden Party
April 24, Stephen Goes on a Boat
May 1, Sickly Steve gets the Cat Kit
May 8, Stephen Thinks Outside the Square
May 15, Felicity's Fate
May 22, Stephen Heard Some Jokes
May 29, Stephen's Trip to the Aquarium
June 5, Stephen Explains About the Paint
June 12, Stephen's Awkward Conversation With a Tree
June 19, Stephen's Trip To The Zoo
June 26, Stephen Is Above The Law
July 3, Stephen's Trip to the Community Environment Park
July 10, Stephen's Pictures of Naked People
July 17, Rivers of Red Wine and Blood
July 24, Things that should have happened that didn't happen
July 31, A Cold Week
August 7, Stephen's Trip Down Memory Lane
August 14, Stephen Goes Around and Looks at Everything
August 21, Arrivals and Departures
August 28, Stephen Helps Clean up the Deceased Estate
September 4, Purchase of a New Printer
September 11, Two Gig See-Saw on the Family Fulcrum
September 18, Fair Rain With All the Girls
September 25, High Vibes
October 2, Stephen's Trip to the Recording Studio
October 9, Alone in Mentone
October 16, Dancing with Tradesmen
October 23, Stephen's Application
October 30, Stephen Cuts his Fingernails
November 6, The Bass Player's Party
November 13, Stephen Sits on His Chair In a Certain Way
November 20, The High School Reunion
November 27, Badminton
December 4, Stephen's Audition
December 11, Stephen Gains Some Confidence
December 18, Stephen's Trip To The Television Studio
December 25, The Band Breaks Up
January 1st, Stephen Lives Happily Ever After
April 4 2004, Epilogue