I wrote this at the age of 11, to kill some spare time on a rainy day.
Bed Poem
Stephen Clark
Hello there my name is Fred
I like being in my bed
The blankets and sheets are so warm
Sometimes I sleep with my teddy, Norm
The matteress is full of feathers
I am warm in any weathers.
While I lie and dream at night
The stars and moon are very bright.
Then I wake to the new morn
I look out my window to the lawn.
I've got to get up to go to school,
But the bed's as warm as a heated pool
So I go back to sleep again
I say "Don't worry, I'll wake up when
It's time to rise and leave for school"
And then I sleep -- I am a fool!
I'll wake for school (which I hate),
and go to school, and I'll be late.
I wish I could just stay in bed
Under blankets, coloured red.