My CD Collection--------------- Last updated November 4th, 2004

(* indicates single)

1 2 Litre DolbyEl Caballo Rojo Slow stuff
2 AcapelicansAcapelicans (CD-R)A Cappella
3 Adam FColoursElectronic
4 ADNY & The PersuaderQuarter Of A CenturyElectronic
5 Aimee MannMagnolia (CD-R)Soundtrack
6 Air10,000 Hz LegendGentle Electronic
7 AirMoon Safari Gentle Electronic
8 AirPremiers Symptomes Gentle Electronic
9 AirThe Virgin Suicides Soundtrack
10 Alanis MorissetteMTV UnpluggedRock/Pop
11 Alanis MorissetteSupposed Former Infatuation JunkieRock/Pop
12 Alanis MorissetteUnder Rug SweptRock/Pop
13 Andrew Lloyd WebberEncore (3CD greatest hits)Musical theatre
14 Andrew Lloyd WebberEvitaMusical theatre
15* Andrew WKParty HardRock
16 Aphex Twin Come To Daddy Experimental
17 Aphex Twin I Care Because You Do Experimental
18 Architecture In Helsinki Fingers Crossed Indie
19* Arrosa Stickgirl Slow Stuff
20* Artificial Joy ClubSick And BeautifulRock
21 Art Of FightingWiresSlow Stuff
22* Atari BabyAlive In StereoDance
23 Augie MarchSunset StudiesAlternative
24 Augie MarchWaltzAlternative
25 BeckMidnite Vultures Dance
26 BeckMutations Easy Listening
27 Belle and SebastianFold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A PeasantEasy Listening
28 Belle and SebastianStorytellingSoundtrack
29 Ben FoldsRockin' The SuburbsRock
30 Bentley Rhythm AceBRABreak-beat techno
31 Beth Gibbons And Rustin ManOut Of Season Slow Stuff
32 Bidston MossA Nice Lie DownHappy Rock
33 Bidston MossCount Past ThreeHappy Rock
34* Bidston MossDeath to the MFHappy Rock
35 Bidston MossEP3Happy Rock
36* Bidston MossHoney BeeHappy Rock
37 Bidston MossIf You're So Special, Why Aren't You Dead?Happy Rock
38 Big WallyWally WaltzQuirky
39* Big WallyWannabe Quirky
40 [bilby] Length of a String Indie rock
41 [bilby] Life In The Slow Lane Indie rock
42 Billy Joel Storm Front Rock
43 Bjork Homogenic Experimental
44 Black Box RecorderEngland Made Me Slow stuff
45 Bleeding RoseProtus Normal
46 BradInteriors Alternative
47* Britney SpearsBaby One More Time Pop
48 Brown Hornet The Brown Hornet Funk Rock
49 Bruce SpringsteenPostcard From Asbury Park, NJRock 'n Roll
50 BrunatexStars and SplintersElectronic band
51 BrunatexComfortableElectronic band
52 Buffy The Vampire Slayer castOnce More, With FeelingMusical theatre
53 Cardigans Emmerdale Easy Listening
54 Cardigans Gran Turismo Easy Listening
55 Cardigans Long Gone Before Daylight Easy Listening
56 Cat Power Moon Pix Slow Stuff
57 Chicane Behind The Sun (CD-R) Electronic
58 ChicaneFar From the Maddening Crowds Electronic
59* ChrissaDon't Talk to Me About LoveCrap
60 Christine Sullivan BloomJazz Vocal
61 Christine Sullivan Here And NowJazz Vocal
62 Chuck Loeb The Music InsideJazz Fusion
63 Chuck Loeb Listen Jazz Fusion
64 Cibo Matto Viva! La WomanQuirky Japanese
65 Clouds FavouritesRock
66* Clouds Never Say ForeverRock
67 Clouds OctopusRock
68 Clouds Thunderhead Rock
69 Custard Goodbye Cruel WorldRock
70 Cut Copy I Thought of NumbersDance
71* Darude Feel the Beat Techno
72 David Holmes Let's Get Killed Revolver music
73 Daft Punk Discovery Electronic
74 Daft Punk Homework Electronic
75* DB Boulevard Point Of View Pop
76 Deadstar Milk Rock
77 Dearhunters Red Wine and Blue Easy Listening
78 Diana Ah Naid I Don't Think I'm Pregnant Rock
79 Divine Comedy Regeneration Gentle Rock
80 Edie Brickell Picture Perfect Morning Easy Listening
81 Effigy Effigy Hard Rock
82 Elixir Elixir (old) Soft jazz sing
83 Elixir Elixir (new) Soft jazz sing
84 Ember Swift Stiltwalking Folk jazz funk
85 Ember Swift The Wage Is The Stage Folk jazz funk
86 Endorphin Embrace Electronic
87 Ego Extended Play Techno with vocal
88 Eran James Reviewing The Situation Funk
89 Eternal The Best Pop
90 Fareed Haque Deja Vu Jazz covers
91 Fiona Apple Tidal Rock
92 Fiona Apple When the Pawn... Rock
93 Fourplay Between The Sheets Jazz Fusion
94 Fourplay Elixir Jazz Fusion
95 Frames For the Birds Indie
96 Fruit Cake Smarty Pants Dance
97 GarbageVersion 2.0 (CD-R) Rock with electronics
98 Gentle WavesSwansong For YouEasy Listening
99* georgeBreaking It Slowly Gentle Rock
100* georgeBreathe In Now (5 track) Gentle Rock
101 georgegeorge Jazz rock
102 georgeHoliday Rock
103 georgePolyserena Rock
104* georgeRun Rock
105* georgeSpecial Ones Rock
106* georgeStill Real Rock
107 georgeUnity Rock
108 georgeYou Can Take What's Mine Rock
109 George Benson20/20 80s Pop
110 George GershwinRhapsody in Blue etc. Classical
111 Gilbert O'SullivanThe Best Of Seventies rock
112 Girlfriend Make It Come True Pop
113 Goldfrapp Felt Mountain Slow stuff
114 Gomez Liquid Skin Alternative
115 GonzalesPresidential SuiteAlternative
116 Graeme Swords One Hope One Dream Religious
117* Grand Silent SystemChampionRock with flute/clarinet
118 Grand Silent SystemEveryone Lies AloneRock with flute/clarinet
119 Grand Silent SystemGift Or A WeaponRock with flute/clarinet
120 Grand Silent SystemGSSR Electronic
121 Grand Silent SystemThey Who BuiltRock with flute/clarinet
122 Groove ArmadaGoodbye Country (Hello Nightclub)Electronic
123 Heather Nova Blow Rock
124 Heligoland Heligoland Slow stuff
125 Ice-T Greatest Hits: The Evidence Hip hop
126 Isobel Campbell Time Is Just The Same Easy Listening
127 Jamiroquai A Funk Odyssey Funk
128 Jamiroquai Travelling Without Moving Funk
129 Jill Sobule Happy Town Female Rock
130 Jodi PhillisFor Lovers, Artists and DreamersEasy Listening
131 Jodi PhillisIn Dreams I LiveEasy Listening
132 Juliana HatfieldBeautiful CreatureRock
133 Juliana Hatfield ThreeBecome What You AreRock
134 Karl JenkinsAdiemus World/Classical
135 kr0per0m a9ffExperimental
136 Kate Bush Never For Ever Wacky
137 Killing Heidi Reflector Rock
138 Kristen Hersh Sky Motel Indie
139 KinobeVerseBridgeChorus?Electronic
140* Kirsty StegwaziFollow Me Indie
141 Kirsty StegwaziJailbirds Indie
142 Kirsty StegwaziKeep Still Indie
143* LambrettaBimboRock
144 Larry Carlton The Gift Jazz Fusion
145* LashBeauty QueenRock
146 Laura ImbrugliaIt Makes A Crunchy NoiseIndie
147 Lee RitenourCollectionJazz Fusion
148 Lemon JellyLemon JellyGentle Electronic
149 Lemon JellyLost HorizonsGentle Electronic
150 Light's Surprising ConstancyLight's Surprising Constancy Minimalist
151 Lino LinoTrip Hop
152 Lisa MillerCar Tape Country
153 Lisa MillerVersion Originale Country?
154 Lisa MillerQuiet Girl With A Credit Card Country
155 Live Secret Samahdi Rock
156 Live The Distance To Here Rock
157 Lounge O SoundLounge O SoundEasy Listening
158 Lou ReedBerlinSad
159* LoversEmphasis Tracks from the Forthcoming AlbumFolk Rock
160 Low I Could Live In HopeSlow stuff
161 Macy Gray/Various ArtistsThe Id/Cafe Del Mar (CD-R)New R&B/Chill Elctrnc
162 Mahler Symphonic Excerpts Classical
163 MadonnaMusic (CD-R) Pop
164 Manfred Mann The Roaring Silence 1976 Rock
165 Massive AttackMezzanineTrip Hop
166 Matt Kirsch Transluscent Jazz Fusion
167 Max And The Little EnsembleMax And The Little EnsembleLike Bjork
168 Max Sharam A Million Year Girl Female Rock
169* MeebarRoad MovieRock
170* Mel CIf That Were MePop
171 Michael JacksonHIStory (double) Pop
172 Mike Oldfield Tubular Bells 2 Unclassified
173 Mike Oldfield Tubular Bells 3 Unclassified
174 MintEverything Is NothingRock
175* MintGram RockRock
176 MintPactRock
177 Mint RoyaleOn The Ropes Dance
178 Moby18 Electronic
179 Moby Play Electronic
180 MogwaiCome On Die Young Slow Stuff
181* MogwaiTour EP
182 Mo' HorizonsCome Touch The Sun (CD-R)Chill Dance
183 MonoFormica BluesChill Electronic
184 Montell Jordan This Is How We Do It New R&B
185* Morcheeba Shoulderholster Beats
186 MorcheebaCharango (2CD)Beats
187 MuseOrigin of Symmetry/Absolution (CR-R)Rock
188 Music Vs Physics_UnderscoreHip Hop
189 Necks The Boys Soundtrack
190 Neotropic 15 Levels of Magnification Electronic
191 Nightmares On Wax Carboot Soul Chill Electronic
192 Nitin Sawhney Prophesy Chill Electronic
193 Norah Jones Come Away With Me Jazz Vocal
194* Paradise Motel Bad Light Slow stuff
195* Paradise Motel Derwent River Star Rock
196 Paradise Motel Flight Paths Slow stuff
197 Paradise Motel Flight Paths Promo Version Slow stuff
198* Paradise Motel Heavy Weather Slow stuff
199* Paradise Motel Hollywood Landmines Slow stuff
200 Paradise Motel Left Over Life To Kill Slow stuff
201 Paradise Motel Please Keep Me Safe Slow stuff
202 Paradise Motel Reworkings Remixes
203 Paradise Motel Some Deaths Take Forever Slow stuff
204 Paradise Motel Still Life Slow stuff
205 Paradise Motel Still Life with Junk MailSlow stuff
206 Paul Kearney MainframeElectronic
207 Pearl Jam Live On Two LegsGrunge
208 Penny Hewson Me Rock
209 Philip Glass Koyaanisqatsi Soundtrack
210 Pink Floyd A Momentary Lapse of ReasonRock
211 Pink Floyd Animals (CD-R)Rock
212 Pink Floyd MeddleSubtle Rock
213 Pink Floyd The Division Bell (CD-R)Subtle Rock
214 Pink Floyd The Final CutSubtle Rock
215 Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here Subtle Rock
216 Pizzicato Five Pizzicato Five (CD-R)Japanese Pop
217 P.J. Harvey Stories From The City etc (CD-R) Alternative
218 Portishead Dummy Slow stuff
219 Portishead Portishead Slow stuff
220 Portishead Roseland NYC Live (enhanced) Slow stuff
221 Positronic demoElectronic
222 Prokofiev Romeo & Juliet, Symphony #5Classical
223 psychick warriors ov gaiapsychick rhythms vol. 1Drums only
224 Pulp This Is Hardcore (CD-R) Brit Pop
225 Radiohead Amnesiac (CD-R)Rock/experimental
226 Radiohead Kid A Experimental
227 Radiohead O.K. Computer Rock
228 Rain Birds Call Me Easy Say I'm Strong etcRock
229 Ray Charles His Greatest Hits Vol. 2Blues
230 Rebecca's EmpireWay of All Things Rock
231 Rebecca's EmpireWelcome Rock
232* Rebel AstronautsAeroplane Drops Parachute By NightSlow stuff
233 Resin DogsFrom the Volcanic LabBreak-beat techno
234 Rick BraunKisses in the RainJazz Fusion
235 Ronny Jordan Light to Dark Jazz Fusion
236 Ronny Jordan The Antidote Jazz Fusion
237 Ruby Fruit Jungle 1001 DaysDance
238 Ruby Fruit Jungle Ruby Fruit JungleDance
239* Ruby Fruit Jungle Wonder WomanDance
240 Seaville SwansongSlow stuff
241 Shadowfax A Windham Hill Retrospectivejazz/ethnic
242 Shadowfax Esperantojazz/ethnic
243 SilverchairDioramaRock
244 Sinead O'ConnorFaith and CouragePop
245 Single Gun TheoryFlow, River of My Soul Gentle Electronic
246 Single Gun TheoryThe Monkey's MaskSoundtrack
247 Sisters With VoicesNew BeginningNew R&B
248 Sky Cadmium Instrumental
249 Sky Sky 3 Instrumental
250 Sky Sky Trails Instrumental
251* Something For KateCaptain (Million Miles an Hour)Rock
252 Sound Unlimited A Postcard From The Edge of the UndersideAustralian Rap
253* Soundgarden Blow Up The Outside WorldGrunge
254 Spiderbait GrandslamRock
255 SpiderbaitThe Flight of Wally FunkRock
256* Spiritualized The Abbey Road EPalt
257* SplendidLess Than ZeroEasy Listening
258 St. GermainTouristJazz/electronic
259 Steely DanAjaJazz Fusion with vocal
260 Stella One ElevenIn Your HandsRock
261* Stella One ElevenGo Slow GirlRock
262* Stella One ElevenLooseRock
263* Stellar*Every GirlRock
264 Stellar*MixRock
265 StereolabSpace Age Batchelor Pad MusicEasyListening new-wave
266 Sundays Static & Silence Folk Rock
267 Sundays Blind Folk Rock
268 SupergrooveBackspacerNew Zealand Rock
269* SupergrooveSitting Inside My HeadNew Zealand Rock
270 Supreme Beings Of LeisureSupreme Beings Of LeisurePop
271 Suzanne Vega99.9F°Easy Listening
272 Tea PartyTRIPtychRock
273 Tim OxleyIt's All About LoveEasy Listening
274 ToolLateralus Heavy
275 Tori Amos Boys For Pele Disturbed
276 Tori Amos From The Choirgirl Hotel Disturbed
277 Tori Amos Little EarthquakesDisturbed
278 Tori Amos To Venus And Back (2CD)Disturbed
279 Tori Amos Under The PinkDisturbed
280 TripodAbout An Hour Of Song-In-An-HourComedy
281 Ukiyo-EInlandSoft Instrumental
282 Unkle Psyence FictionElectronic
283 Underground LoversCold FeelingRock with electronics
284 Van MorrisonDays Like ThisRock
285 Various ArtistsBanterCandle Records Compilation
286 Various ArtistsBecome What You Aren't (2CD)Juliana Hatfield Covers
287 Various ArtistsBootleg 3Unsigned Artists
288 Various ArtistsCatt Mixed CDCatt's selection
289 Various ArtistsChemistryEMI Records Compilation
290 Various ArtistsChillout Session Summer Collection 2004 (2CD)Chill Electronic
291 Various ArtistsFeastCandle Records Compilation
292 Various ArtistsGarage Class Vol. 1Electronic Dance
293 Various ArtistsGilmore Girls SoundtrackTelevision
294 Various ArtistsGrand SlangCity Slang Records Compilation
295 Various ArtistsLa Femme, No Homme?Rock
296 Various ArtistsLate Night Mix 2 (2CD)Chill Electronic
297 Various ArtistsMoonlight Recordings Vol. 3 (2CD)Chill Electronic
298 Various ArtistsMore Music Live From The PanelAcoustic
299 Various ArtistsMTV Extreme (2CD)Chill Electronic
300 Various ArtistsRachel Mixed CDRachel's Selection
301 Various ArtistsRadioactiveHits of 1996
302 Various ArtistsStu Launch Project 2001Rock
303 Various ArtistsThe Empress Celebrates 15 YearsMixed
304 Various ArtistsWaxin' LyricalHip Hop
305 Veruca SaltAmerican Thighs (CD-R)Rock
306 WaikikiI'm Already HomeRock
307 WaikikiNew TechnologyRock
308 Waikikipresents...Rock
309 WeenChocolate And Cheese (CD-R)Rock
310 WeenWhite Pepper (CD-R)Rock
311 Ween/They Might Be Giants12 Golden Country Greats/Mink Car (CD-R)Rock
312 Wendy RuleDeityWitchy Music
313 Weird Al YankovicPoodle HatComedy
314 White StripesElephantRock
315 X-Press 2MuzikizumDance
316 YanniLive At The AcropolisWith Orchestra
317 YanniSongs From The Heart (2CD)New Age
318 Yeah Yeah YeahsFever to Tell (CD-R)Rock
319 Yo La TengoAnd Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside OutSlow Stuff
320 Zero 7Simple ThingsChill Electronic

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