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I have done a lot of artwork. This is an exhibit of my paintings, drawings, and computer graphics. Click on one of the categories below to bring up a page of quick-loading small versions of my pictures, linked to larger versions. The numbers in brackets indicate how many works are in each section.
  Gallery 1 mostly charcoal (19) 
  Gallery 2 mostly coloured chalk (8) 
  Gallery 3 mostly ink (7) 
  Gallery 4 mostly painting (10) 
  Gallery 5 mostly pencil (14) 
  Gallery 6 computer graphics (28) 
Total: 86 

Or, click here to see to plain alphabetical list of all the artwork, with links and descriptions.
Some of these pictures were done in my spare time. Most of them, however, were done for educational purposes -- either as part of my high-school studio art subject, or my "Cross Arts" course in 1996, or my Design course in 1998. The computer graphics were done in my multimedia course from 1999 to 2002.
    General permission is hereby given to copy and distribute these images, electronically or on paper. These images are in the public domain.

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