stephen clark
January 23, 2003

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alarm clock
Wednesday morning, for the first time since Christmas, I was woken by my alarm clock. I wanted to get up early because I was expecting a phone-call from a very famous person Megan Spencer, who is the film-critic for Triple J radio. She's been trying to get in contact with me. And when a famous person calls you on the phone, you don't want to sound all groggy and "just woken up."
me on the phone
The call came and Megan Spencer told me some very good news: she told me that the short animated music video-clip I made, "The Girl I Love", has succeeded in reaching the finals of a short-film competition. That means that the film will be shown on the big screen, in three different cities, along with twenty-four other finalists. It's very exciting. And if it wins the competition, that would be amazing. It would be great publicity for my band, because it was their music in the video-clip.
Chapel Street
Thinking these thoughts, I went for a walk up Chapel Street which has a lot of shops. This is part of my weekly routine I always walk to the second-hand CD shop to see if they have any new CDs worth buying. But this time, while I was walking, I saw my friend Mishka.
    She didn't see me she was busy talking to someone with a clipboard. So I continued on to the CD shop and bought a CD called "Tripod About An Hour Of Song In An Hour". Then, as I was walking back the other way, I saw Mishka again. This time, as I was watching, she finished up her conversation with the clipboard person and I was able to approach her. "Hi, Mish", I said.
Mishka half
Mishka was so pleased to see me, she gave me a hug, which was kinda cool. And she said to me, "You look so healthy, now! I was worried about you."
    She was on her way to buy some wine at the liquor store, and she led me by the hand as a gesture that I should come along with her. Mishka likes to talk to me about some of the things that have been going on in her life. I've known her for two and a half years, and I've noticed that she often has to deal with the frustrating and annoying aspects of being an aspiring pop-star-singer on the bottom rung of the music-industry ladder. She told me about that, in the store. And I told her about the phone-call I received about the film-competition thing. When she heard the news, she said, "That's fantastic!" And then, when she thought about it a bit more, she said again, "That's fantastic!"
    Mishka is very kind she offered me a lift home in her car because she was going that way. On the way home she told me all about the holiday she had recently in Byron Bay. "Stephen", she said, "You've got to go to Byron Bay, it's great."
    And I said, "Maybe some day."
    And then she said, for the seventh time that day, "It's great to see you looking so well."
carrying boxes
When I arrived home, I noticed that there was a message on my answering machine from my friend Boris Pink who's the leader of my other band, and he said that there will be a band practice tomorrow. Then I went out to the computer-shop, down the street, to pick up my computer which was having a new sound-card installed. The computer shop is so close, it's not worth catching a tram to get there. But it sure is awkward, carrying that heavy computer in a box to and from the shop. And I had to carry the sound-card box on top of that.
Hercules Game Theatre XP
I spent a while at home testing my computer with the new sound-card and playing with some of the software that came with it. It's very good the hardware is mostly in a separate blue box that sits on top of the computer, it's almost like an external sound-module. And there were no problems.
    After that, in the evening, I went out to the karaoke again, like last week. I didn't bring the camera this time, because I didn't think there would be anything worth taking pictures of. But I was wrong!
    I had not been there half an hour when this old friend came up to me, someone whom I hadn't seen in four years. It was such a pleasant surprise! She looked so different, I didn't recognise her at first. And she introduced me to some friends of hers. There was not much talking, 'cause the music was so loud. But this was a fun night. I got up on stage at one point and sang a song called "Better Man", by Pearl Jam. My old friend got up and sang not one but three songs. And as I listened to her, as part of the large and vibrant crowd, I thought to myself "This has been such a good day. First the good-news phone call from the famous film-critic lady then I had that nice meeting with Mishka on Chapel Street then I hear that Boris Pink is getting his band together and now, Cat is here and she's on stage singing to me it's like a dream come true "
This is the only photo I have of
Cat it's from seven years ago
The very next day, my band had a practice. Boris Pink was there. Mishka wasn't there she's in my other band. I'm in two bands, in case you don't know. The practice was held at Revolver Arcade, in Prahran. On the way there, I had to carry my heavy synthesizer equipment on the tram.
Revolver Arcade
Practising is important for any band, and in this case it's an indication that there may be gigs coming up soon. Tonight, my band tried their hands at several new songs. The Boris Pink band plays rock music. One thing that's odd about it is, we only play major chords, no minor ones. I don't play a "major" part in the band, though in fact, in some songs, I don't play at all. So in those songs, when the rest of the band were playing, I was taking photos with my camera. And you know, they were so busy playing, I don't think they even noticed.
Me with Boris Pink
I recently had a dream about Revolver Arcade I dreamt I was there as part of a singing-group with a bunch of middle-aged women and there was an audience there, and we were performing in silly costumes or maybe in our underwear, I can't remember. Anyway, the meaning of this dream is quite clear that I want to be a part of the music-performance world, and I don't care what sort of silly or demeaning things I have to do to get there.

Roll your mouse over the letters and see what happens.  
The program "The Bill" is all about police in England. I've watched so many episodes of it, I know all about police procedures. They're always running after crooks and conducting investigations, and sometimes the detective-seargent has sex with the superintendent. When they use their slang British expressions I like to imitate them.  
Question of the week:
Why is there always hair?
"Tripod" are a comedy music group. They write funny songs and sometimes they amaze us by writing a song in less than an hour, about topics given to them by other people. Their songs are not only humorous and clever, they're also musically correct and well performed. Listening to their CD "About An Hour Of Song In An Hour", you can't help but get the feeling that these men are so good at what they do, they must be total geniuses if not some sort of higher life-form with intelligence which goes beyond human understanding.
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