stephen clark
February 27, 2003

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me in front of the DJ
Last Sunday was a very hot day, so I decided to go to the Fitzroy Swimming Pool to have a swim. I don't usually go to the pool, but this time I did because it was a special occasion. It was an event called "Rockpool" a rock concert by the pool. And it wasn't just rock-music, it was also electronic music and all kinds of stuff. There was a stage set up by the side of the swimming-pool where lots of bands played throughout the day. It was excellent.
rockpool ad
This gig only cost me two dollars and fifteen cents, which is incredibly cheap I mean, seven bands, plus seven DJs, all in one day, you'd expect to pay much more. A swimming pool is a very nice place to have a concert, as well you've got the water sparkling, you've got the people wearing swim-wear you can even swim in the water while you watch the musical acts. Where else can you do that? I'm not much of a swimmer, in fact I can't even tread water for more than thirty seconds, but on a hot day it's nice to do something that keeps me cool. And there's no need to wear a shirt, 'cause, y'know, no one else was wearing one.
fitzroy swimming pool
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The music was cool, too four of the bands were ones that I'd seen before at gigs, and I really liked them. There was one band that I didn't like 'cause they were too heavy, but that was okay because, unlike a regular indoor gig, I could move far away from the speakers. And there was one band (chuckle) who had this guy who was wearing about six layers of clothing and he did this thing where he took off the layers one by one during the course of a song he had a suit, under a dress, under a jumper, under a jumpsuit, under another suit, etcetera, and it was so funny to watch him remove the layers while the band played instrumental surfing covers.
girl watching biftek
There was also a dive-dombing contest and a synchronized swimming performance. I was having my last swim of the day when the headline band came on, they were called b(if)tek and they were two women who played bleepy electronic music. I climbed out of the pool and sat dripping on the concrete in front of the stage while they began. B(if)tek are good at music I heard their CD a couple of years ago when my friend Mishka lent it to me. One of the women said, "If you are feeling terrorized, then ring the terrorism hotline and report it", and she pointed at the phone-number hand-written on her t-shirt. I think she was making fun of the government the other woman had a t-shirt which said "Make Bleeps Not War" on the back.
one of the women from b(if)tek
There was a bit of dancing while b(if)tek played. Towards the end of the set, when the sun had dried me enough, I put on a shirt and danced with the other dancers. After that it was time to go home. No one could stay, because the pool was closing.
    I took a lot of photos with my digital camera. Events like this are memories to be treasured. You know, that when the weather gets cooler, stuff like this won't happen anymore and I'll have to make my own entertainment on a Sunday afternoon. But at least this year I won't have to deal with all the pressures of schoolwork so it won't be a stress-out. I guess my life will always be fine, as long as I have the freedom to do what I want. But the hot weather always makes it better.
don't know why it's funny but it is
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I received a phone-call from a reporter from the local newspaper recently she was doing an article or something about the short-film competition in which I was a finalist. Apparently, two of the twenty-five finalists are local people and she wanted a photo of us to go with the article. So she organised a meeting, between us and a photographer, at the Sandbar restaurant in Middle Park on Wednesday afternoon.
    I must've heard wrong 'cause I thought the reporter herself was coming to meet us, maybe to ask us a few questions for her article. And I wasn't sure how we'd recognise eachother so I made a little sign with her name on it and held it in my hand while I waited.
me at the sandbar
But then one of the other finalists came along and said it was just the photographer who was coming to meet us, so I put the sign away. Apparently this other finalist had made a short film too, but unlike me he'd brought along his film-making associates for the photo. So there were three people representing his film, and one person representing mine. I felt a little bit like an optional add-on accessory to the group.
The photographer arrived and he asked us to sit on a wall in a row. Then he asked us to take off our shoes and socks and wade into the sea so that he could photograph us there. Oh, did I mention that we were at the beach? Well we were. And the other three guys were constantly talking to eachother they could barely stop talking long enough to smile for the camera. I wonder if people will be able to tell, when they see the photo in the paper, that I was feeling like such an odd-one-out.
girl with sun cream
You know what would be cool? To have no possessions. Oh, I know what you're thinking, "It wouldn't be cool to have no possessions." But I was just thinking the other day, that my room is looking a little cluttered and maybe if I had less possessions, it would be easier to keep tidy. And thus, following on logically, if I had no possessions, it would be impossible to be messy. How happy I would be, in a constantly tidy room! But doing what?
    Truth is, there are some things I just couldn't bear to throw away, like (in order of importance), my old journals, my photos, my computer data, my CDs, my tapes and my books.

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But there are some things I own which I could possibly do without, if I had to, like my TV, my camera, my microwave and my musical instruments. And then there are some things which are no use at all and I'm just holding onto them for old-time's sake. Like, my old Casio keyboard, my black and white TV, a big polystyrene number "5" which I made in my design-course and my other artwork. Ever since 1996 I've have one of my paintings hanging in my room, a picture of a flying truck. It's painted on cardboard and the surface of the cardboard is curved, so I can't hide it away in a folio like I do with most artwork. But I hate having stuff on my walls, and I'm pretty sick of seeing that one day after day for the past seven years. So this afternoon I took that painting down and ripped it into little pieces. I still have a photo of the painting, so I'm not really losing anything.
stephen rips a painting

Live Music:
On Saturday night I went to the Armadale hotel to see my favourite band, The Grand Silent System. It was not too crowded so I was able to dance a lot and I became very agitated, in a good way. After that I felt a little dehydrated so I went to the toilet to get a drink of water from the sink. Then, after I came out of the toilet, some girl said to me, "Great dancing!" and she held out her hand like to give me a handshake. But my hand was still a bit wet from the water so I didn't shake her hand. After that I rested for about ten minutes. But my body was still full of energy, as if it were expecting more vigorous activity. So I went out into the night air and ran down the street. And I kept running until I was absolutely exhausted, and then I walked, and walked, and walked, for four and a half kilometres. Lacking the money for a taxi, that was the only way to get home.
This Wednesday I went to the karaoke and it was kind of a dull night most people were singing depressing, down-tempo songs and not dancing. But there were a few excellent singers there. As for me, I sang "Charmless Man" by Blur and I sang it extremely nasal.

I just finished reading the book "Rock N Roll Babes From Outer Space" by Linda Jaivin. It's about these babes, from outer space, who are very "rock n roll" and they form a band which is like, so successful, it's like every musician's dream. They have these magical powers which make people like them. Stuff happens in this book which would be impossible in real life it's in violation of the laws of physics, logic, and human behaviour. And that's why I had a problem with it really, especially towards the end when the plot threads are resolved in an illogical way. And no one dies I just can't take a book seriously if there's no death anywhere in it. The characters are all stereotypes, but that's not a weak point, 'cause it's a comedy, and stereotypes are funny when taken to extremes. So all in all it's pretty entertaining but it's no masterpiece.
child by the water

There's a comedy show on Channel 2 called Welcher and Welcher I thought it would be good because it stars Shaun Micallef who's done a lot of good stuff in the past. He's funny in his sketch comedy. But this new sit-com is much more conventional in its approach and it doesn't make me laugh so much. It's about this lawyer who isn't very kind. Some of the jokes just fall flat. Maybe it should have a laugh track. I wouldn't normally say that about any show, 'cause I hate laugh tracks, but this show just feels like it's lacking one. Or maybe it should be shot on a hand-held film-camera from weird angles that would make it funnier.

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