Typical teenage angst.
No Good
Stephen Clark
Whenever someone talks to me
And I don't talk to them back,
And they try to get to know me
But I just refuse to yak
When my schoolmates give me looks
Calculated to depress
I am strongly reminded
That my psyche is a mess.
When my teachers give me tasks 
And I wish that I was dreaming
'Cause they're tasks that I can't handle
And my subconscious is screaming;
When I feel the stress and worry
Cutting through me like a knife
I can't help thinking "I'm a lemon --
What's the point of life?"
When I think of letters that I wrote
To a girl whose name is Salter
There are a million things about
My life I'd like to alter.
And when I want to get to know Louise
But there just isn't a way,
I am strongly reminded
That my life's in disarray.
Whenever I examine my
Four subjects of V.C.E.
Like Literature, and English,
Infotech and A.R.T.,
I think "I'll never get a job --
Unemployment is my fate!"
And I'm reminded more than ever
That my life is what I hate.