stephen clark midi files  
I have created some midi files. Some of them are my own original musical works. Others are versions of some of my favourite songs that I've sequenced (covers, in other words but they're all a bit obscure).
A "midi" (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) file is a kind of music file which has a very quick loading time but the music will sound different depending on what kind of sound card you have. Normally, clicking on the link will start the music. Alternatively, you can save the file to your hard-drive and open it up in windows Media Player (right-click the link and select "save target as"). The midi format is also supported by the latest versions of Winamp. If you have a Macintosh, then Quicktime is the thing to use, although sometimes it may need to go through a kind of conversion process first. If you are listening to midi files through a browser, then you may benefit from a Crescendo or Quicktime plugin.
Songs by Stephen Clark:
1. Table Top Dance
2. Gin Palace
3. Song With A Sample
4. Sneak/Plug
5. I Wanna Feel Good
6. Overdue
7. The One You Lost
7. No Idea
Songs by other people, sequenced by Stephen Clark:
1. I'm Under Your Spell from "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" soundtrack (Joss Whedon)
2. Close Your Eyes by Juliana Hatfield
3. Why Can't It Wait Till Morning (no vocal) by Fourplay (Phil Collins)
4. DAF by Powderfinger
5. Protest Song by Lounge-O-Sound (Jodi Phillis)
6. 4pm by Clouds (Jodi Phillis)
7. I Have Seen by Zero 7 (R. Philips)
8. Jack Star by The Paradise Motel (Charles Bickford)
9. Aeroplanes by The Paradise Motel (Aulich/Bickford/Sussex/O'Shannassy)
10. Medication (very mellow version) by Garbage
11. I Wanna Be Down (no vocal) by Brandy
12. Show Me by The Boris Pink (Steve Milonas)