Journey by Stephen Clark  
        to Ridgetown You are hitch hiking.

You stick out your thumb at the passing cars. After a while, someone stops beside you and lets you in. It's a guy in a green Land-Rover.
    "Hello", he says. "My name is Bob. Where are you going?"
    You reply, "Ridgetown."
    He says, "Well I can take you all the way there."
    Bob starts driving you to Ridgetown. On the way there, he takes a turn-off. "Where are we going?", you ask.
    "Oh I just need to make a quick side-trip", he says.
    "What for?"
    "Well I'm the lead singer in a rock band and our first gig is tonight at the banana-tree restaurant, so I have to go to that. But don't worry, all our songs are very short and the whole gig will be over in ten minutes so you won't be delayed very long. Would you like to come in and hear us, or wait in the car?"
Come in
Wait in the car