Journey by Stephen Clark  
    to Ridgetown Rock

You sit a while in the sunshine.
    Then some guy comes along - he's dressed like a soldier and he has a gun by his side. "What are you doing here?", he asks.
    "Nothing, just resting awhile", you reply.
    The soldier glares at you. "This land is property of the army. You are trespassing."
    You say, "Oh, I'm sorry, I'll leave."
    He says, "I'm afraid this is a very serious offence, and I'll have to take you to army headquarters."
    So he takes you to a place nearby where army guys are marching about and going in and out of dull green buildings. He takes you up to his superior officer. "Sir! I caught this trespasser on our land sir! I think this may be the person we've been looking for sir!"
    "Aha!" said the officer. "So you were trespassing on our land, were you? You were trying to infiltrate our operation here and take valuable information back to the enemy!"
    "No, I'm just an ordinary person and I got lost."
    "A likely story! I'll soon make you talk! I'm warning you, I'll torture you if I have to!" He says to the other soldier, "Lock this person up in cell number three."
    The other soldier takes you away. When he's gone a certain distance, he whispers in your ear, "I think my superior officer is a bit mad. It's the heat - it gets to him sometimes. I'm going to let you go - you sneak out of the camp and I'll say you escaped."
    What do you say in reply?
Say "Okay."
Say "No, you'd better lock me up."