This web-site has the same purpose as most personal web-sites -- to give the world some information about me and what I'm into, and hopefully to entertain a few people in the process. But unlike most, this web-site takes the form of a journey. At the start of the journey you can find out surface information about me like, my age, my occupation, and where I live. At this point you could just sign the guestbook and leave. Or, you could choose to continue further, read some of my writings and find out some more personal information about me. And if you choose to continue all the way to the end, then you'll get a complete picture of who I am and what I'm about.

The Scenic Railway
This is a web-site in which you play a role, and your role is that of a homeless person who is wandering around the city of Melbourne looking without a goal in sight, just living for the moment, trying to work out where you're going to sleep when the night comes. Your journey will take you to every significant geographical location in my life. The reason it's called "The Rock Pillow" is, it's named after a book written by a formerly schizophrenic woman named Lynne Folkard. The book is her autobiography -- it tells about how she lost touch with her family and started wandering around Australia, alone, with her mental illness preventing her from getting off the bottom rung of society. The voice in her head told her she was on a mission from God, but she was never quite clear on what the mission was. I've read the book many times and it's very disturbing, in an entertaining sort of way.

Amusing piece of graffiti

The midi-file on the first page was written and arranged by me, but I can't take full credit for it because it sounds very similar to a song called "Temple Head" by Trans-global Underground. All the photographs in this web-site were taken by me, Stephen Clark. I don't give a toss about copyright, so you can steal my pictures or ideas or whatever and I won't press charges. I'd be honoured, in fact. Actually that's happened before -- remember that movie "The Matrix"? They nicked that idea from me.
    This web-site started out in July 1997 when it was just a poetry site with four poems. Then later in the year I changed the name of it to "Steve's Creative Outlet" and started putting up some more writings and opinions. In 1998 I turned it into a role-playing thing called "Stephen's Institution" where you go into a psychiatric hospital and explore the place, talk to the patients and find out about me, all the while battling your own mental illness. But then I figured that might be alienating a few people who don't have an ongoing preoccupation with mental illness like I do, so I turned it into a place with a better facade which gives you the shallow information without too much delving.

I hope you enjoy the Rock Pillow and sign the guestbook, but please don't say anything too critical.

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