You lie down on the rocks

and adjust your body so that your position is at least bearable, if not comfortable. A rock provides your head with support. You're looking out sideways over the dotted line of lamps along the foreshore. Shivering. Your eyes close. You're alone with your pain. The cold, relentless wind whistles in your ears, and on a higher frequency, the waves continue to wash over the beach. Every now and then, the spray from a wave lands on your foot, adding an extra jab of coldness to your already freezing body. You lie still, quietly bearing the agony of the chill.

The rock pillow feels like it's biting into your head. As the night goes on the cold seems to ease a little, but only because you're growing numb. Your legs are like stone -- you can't even feel them anymore. Slowly the numbness eases its way up your body and you fall into a dreamless, frozen sleep.

rocks next to the pier
    In the chat rooms they call me "ParaDust".
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