This is a bit of rhyme that I wrote while trashy disco music was pumping in my ear, as I sat in the corner of the restaurant apart from my friends.
Waiting with the Band
April 8th 2000
Stephen Clark
The Gourmet Asia Restaurant
To be paid more is what we want
We eat here every Saturday
But to get some food, you have to pay
Table, table, table, table
We entertain 'cause we are able
Jodie, Lola, Sandra, Kel
Old man, young man, U.D.L.
Glasses, napkins, knife-fork-plate
Food is offered way too late
CD player plays a tune
Live music when? Soon soon soon.
Rice with pork and chicken wing
Flower girl soliciting
Don and Christian, Rosemar-ee
I hope they keep their eyes from me
Brain is pounded by the beat
Healthy food is hard to eat
Smiles, pretention, love and hate
This gig was booked for April 8
Waiting, waiting, far too long
Christian asks me "Steve, what's wrong?"
Mirrored wall reflects the light
I wish I were elsewhere tonight.