This is a true story -- it happened around quarter to five on a Sunday morning. The water seeped into several apartments in my building, but there was not much permanent damage.
What Could I Do?
November 3rd 1996 to April 5th 1997
Stephen Clark
Verse 1  
I woke up in the darkness in the middle of the night
And something wasn't right
I heard the sound of water, the way that water flows
When coming from a hose
Eventually I stood up and I cast my glance around
Wondering what could make that sound
As I stepped up to the doorway I felt water on the floor
It was coming through my door.

What could I do to stop the water coming in
I felt the pounding of my heart
What could I do I couldn't let the water win
Or else my life would fall apart.

Verse 2:  
Before I turned the light on I got myself some clothes
Put shoes upon my toes
Then I pulled the door wide open and a look of shocked surprise
Came to my bloodshot eyes
The place was saturated, in this upstairs corridor
Was a puddle on the floor
It was coming from a hosepipe and the hose was laying low
Still spouting H2O.

Second chorus:  
What could I do I had to stop the clear cascade
Before it came up to my knees
What could I do I was bewildered and afraid
Almost forgot to bring my keys

Who could have done this?
Was it a vandal with a building flooding bent?
Who could have done this?
I hardly think it could have been an accident
Someone who vandalises buildings for a hobby?
A member of the anti-carpet-drying lobby?
If I had my way they'd be locked up in jail
Without bail
But getting back to the tale

Verse 3:  
I splashed out in the water 'cause I saw the hose extend
Down to the hallway's end
Connected to the hosereel, and I didn't need a map
'Cause I saw the bright red tap
The tap was big and heavy and I turned with all my might
With my hands both left and right
A second or two later I had stopped that hissing sound
There was silence all around

Third chorus  
The place was damaged, there was no denying that
But with my actions I did good
What could I do but wander back to my own flat
And grab whatever sleep I could.

If you've got a sound card you might be able to hear the midi file which is the music to the song. Usually I write music to be played on my hi-tech synthesizer set-up at home, but this song was designed to be played on a Soundblaster 16. I left out one verse and one chorus in the midi file, so after the first chorus it just goes straight into the bridge, which is musically incorrect, but the music is just to give you a general idea of how the song goes. I don't want to bore you.

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