This is a poem about a girl that I had lost touch with and I hoped to get back in touch with her but it didn't happen (until 2003).
The Theory of Inverse Money-Happiness Correlation
February 28th 1998
Stephen Clark
Spend $200 and Cat says hi 2U
Spend $500 &U get2 ask her what she was doing last year
Spend $900 & she tells you everything without Uasking
Spend $1200 & she asksU all the right questions?
Spend $1600 & Cat invites U down 2the pub 4A few drinks
Spend $1900 & she has a look @ your web-site
Spend $2300 & she givesU some of her writing 2read
Spend $2800 & she invitesU over 4 dinner @ her place
Spend $3400 & she kisses U
Spend $4000 & she takes a heroin overdose in front of U
Spend $4500 & U findout she put poison in your drink
Spend $5000 & U get2 have sex with her corpse just before the poison takes effect -- waitaminute -- I got lost somewhere along the way there -- went off on a side street -- there I go again.