August 9th 1998
Stephen Clark
chase the filling pump
we knock on descent
into the midnight acid
riches, like a gopher
linkage without sacrificing
hygiene but should we
the touch could
never be anything but
useful, with no trace
of uncontrol, no matter who
thus being forced into contact
with this fellow underground victim
with no escape is not bad, if female,
if unused to acid threat especially -- it's
like being overcome by that which we
waged a dormant battle against -- passive,
I should say, for I never raised the
sword against petrol -- fighting only makes
the defeat less dignified, and so
it is beneath the access portal. The chain
links measure our remaining life with
each "clink" -- our enemy, as always, is
unknown. Fumes, darkness, and wrist
pain -- all else is banished from the mental
landscape, for that which armies kill for
is killing us quickly, at last.