This is about Robyn Walker, a girl I liked in Year 11. I disapproved of my feelings for her so I set out to write down the extreme opposite of what I was feeling.
Negative Affection
Stephen Clark
There's a girl in Year 11 I've been noticing a lot
She's a fool I'd like to kill, a good sort is what she's not.
Robyn Walker, you're a cretin, on my life you are a bane
And I don't know what it is that makes me want to fry your brain
Though perhaps it is the way you want my help with word processing
If you went and bugged some other guy it would be such a blessing
Just the sight of you can churn me up and set my anger seething
So don't socialize with Stephen if you want to go on breathing.
You have messed me up. Since I met you I haven't been the same
And you may be pretty, but you have a face I'd like to maim
If I had a driver's licence, I would offer you a lift,
And then crash! with you inside, and you'd be dead, you get my drift?
Or maybe I would choose to run you over with my car
Yeah, that's better. Now you know how strong my feelings for you are.
You're an evil, scheming witch whom I would like to mutilate
If you gave me twenty pages I could not express my hate
When you walk into the room you stop my heart, without a doubt
Let me stop your heart as well, perhaps by ripping it right out.
A ridiculously stupid girl, a short annoying geek
To have bits of Robyn spread across the floor is what I seek.
You are trying to snare me in your trap but I won't take the bait
I would punch your filthy teeth in if you asked me for a date.
I just wish I had a photo of you, with your finest smile;
I would stick it on my dartboard, and play darts for quite a while.
When our eyes meet for a moment when we're on the Apple Macs,
I can feel an overwhelming urge to chop you with an axe
Or perchance to carve your face up with a scalpel or a knife;
You're a source of endless suffering, a curse upon my life
You have messed me up completely and I wish I'd never met you
I'd be willing to pay any price in order to forget you
I have feelings for you Robyn, laced with negativitiy
And I can't forgive you, girl, for the effect you have on me.