My Place

You enter my building and go up to the first floor. After stopping for a moment to survey the quiet corridor, you break the lock of my apartment and enter. Mad dog! you are stronger than you look.
    Well, this is my apartment. What do you think? It's only a small bedsitter, but I've lived here since mid '96 and I'm content with it. I wouldn't mind living in a house, but not with someone else. My solitude is important -- I need more time alone than most people do. Oh, did I confuse you just now when I said "Mad dog"? That's my own personal swear word. If you pronounce it backwards you'll understand. I never say it out loud, 'cause people wouldn't understand, but I think it to myself like fifty times a day.

my flat at night

This room is not looking very functional at the moment -- almost everything is packed into boxes. There are no pictures left on the walls. The computer over in the far corner has been disconnected. Oh it's all very neat. Doesn't look lived in. But over there you see a comfortable looking bed with clean sheets and pillows. Just looking at it makes you sleepy.
    You're hungry. You open the food cupboard but all you find is a pepper-shaker, a half-empty bottle of canola oil and a stapler. Try the fridge? Nope -- it's empty and turned off.
    On the table you can see a pile of mail, some of it outgoing, some of it incoming.

Would you like to check out the mail? yes


In the bathroom you can see a square-shaped bath, and standing in the bath is a chair. I like to stand on it to look out the window sometimes. You'd be surprised what you can see sometimes in the retirement village next door. One night I saw a young couple having an argument which developed into a fist-fight. Another time I saw a guy trying to mug a woman, but she ran off, scattering some loose change behind her on the path.
    Down by your feet you see a box full of compact discs. Those are mine.

Would you like to run your eyes through the CD collection?? yes


You can't keep your eyes open much longer. You'd like to just fall down anywhere and sink into beautiful rapturous sleep. Would you like to do that here, or somewhere else? You decide.

Sleep here      Go to the motel      The rocks